About Our Practice

Carson Periodontics was founded by Dr. Michael Almaraz, D.D.S. in Carson City, Nevada in 1994. Originally locating his practice in the Sierra Professional Complex, Dr. Almaraz became the first full-time periodontist in Carson City.

After successfully building his practice and reputation over a fourteen year period, Dr. Almaraz decided to move his facility to a new home in 2010. Now located off of Vista Lane, adjacent to the new Carson Tahoe Regional Hospital campus, Carson Periodontics offers a modern, state-of the-art, 5200 sq/ft facility with stunning views of the golf course and mountains.


What Makes Our Office Different?

Dr. Almaraz and Dr. Syndergaard are both residency trained specialists in Periodontics and dental implant surgery in Northern Nevada, with combined more than 25 years of experience. Dr. Bauerle, who we are pleased to have join our pratice, completed his advanced specialty training in periodontics and implant surgery. In addition, Dr. Almaraz and Dr. Syndergaard are also licensed to administer IV anesthesia. By maintaining Board certification in both Periodontics and IV sedation, we are able to offer our patients in-office surgery procedures to ease anxiety and improve patient comfort. Furthermore, by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, such as our on-site CT scanner, we are able to see the patient's jaw bone and important related anatomy in 3D for safe and optimal dental implant placement.

At Carson Periodontics, you can rest assured that we continually strive for excellence and always make patient safety and comfort a top priority.